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At Singing Trees Recovery Center, we see alcohol/drug dependency as a treatable disease, not a hopeless condition.


Our caring staff is available for 24/7 support throughout the recovery journey.


We provide intensive education as well as reinforce concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.


We rely on a variety of counseling approaches that honor the resident and aid in treatment.


Our Northern California drug rehab program combines the best of both medical and social model approaches.


About Us

The philosophy behind the Singing Trees Recovery Center's treatment program is to combine the best of both medical and social model approaches to alcohol and drug abuse treatments. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Northern California provides medical support, intensive education, and counseling, as well as reinforces the concepts and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Addiction Treatment Serving Northern California

Singing Trees Recovery's mission is to provide an effective, compassionate addiction treatment program in nature. We have seen the positive affects that nature can have on those healing from addiction and dual diagnoses. Being surrounded by our redwood trees, separated from the daily business of our normal lives, healing becomes the main focus. Whether you live in San Francisco, Sacramento, Nevada City, or right here in Humboldt County, our drug and alcohol rehab in Northern California is here for you.


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Committing to a recovery program is a big decision. At our drug and alcohol rehab in Northern California, we understand the hardships of addiction and our counselors and staff are here to help begin the process. We have a variety of treatment services to suit or individual clients' needs. Our qualified staff is happy to assist with any questions about our facility and treatment programs.

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Singing Trees Recovery Center is located just south of Garberville, California, and serves all of Northern California, including Redding, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Nestled in the midst of an ancient old growth Redwood forest, Singing Trees offers a beautiful and serene recovery environment unavailable anywhere else in the world. Residents and their families are provided with several recreational opportunities, from swimming in the beautiful river to strolling through our majestic redwood forest.


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    Our qualified staff is happy to assist with any questions about our facility and treatment programs.

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    Singing Trees Recovery works with most major insurance carriers to help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with treatment at our residential program in Northern California. Get a free consultation and benefits check now.