The 30-day inpatient program is seen as the standard in most facilities in the drug treatment industry. Virtually every inpatient drug rehab facility in the country offers a 30-day drug treatment program that is evidence-based and effective. While 30-day programs work for countless people, it may not work for you. If you have severe addiction issues or dual diagnosis disorders, a 30-day program would be inadequate. Fortunately, many drug treatment facilities offer programs of longer length, including 90-day rehab programs.


Are you looking for a drug treatment program that is longer in duration? Have you tried the traditional 30-day rehab, but were unable to sustain your recovery? This article will explore 90-day treatment programs and their benefits. If you have questions about 90-day rehabs, call Singing Trees Recovery toll-free today and speak to one of our treatment staff professionals.


Why 30-Day Programs May Not Be Ideal for You

As stated in the introduction, the 30-day treatment program has long been accepted as a standard in the treatment industry. With the advances in research on addiction and changing attitudes on how addiction is treated, countless addicts have found lasting recovery with a 30-day treatment stay. However, your treatment needs and goals are unique—and a 30-day program may not be suitable for you.


Generally, the 30-day program becomes the norm in drug treatment facilities because that is what insurance will usually cover. This time frame isn’t always geared for long-term recovery. In a 30-day program, the detoxification process can easily take up half of a 30-day program. The remaining time of that program may not be enough time for you to fully address the underlying causes of your addiction. As a result, you may not have the tools and support you need to get and stay sober.

That is why a 90-day program may be more beneficial to your recovery. Longer treatment programs usually lead to better long-term results. In a more extended program, such as a 90-day alcohol treatment program, you have more time and less pressure to work through the underlying causes of your addiction. Therefore, you become more confident and have the life skills and coping mechanisms needed to minimize the risk of relapse once you leave treatment and resume your daily life.


What are the Benefits of 90-Day Programs?

If you feel you need an extended drug treatment program, a 90-day treatment program may be an appealing option. 90-day programs have the following tremendous benefits:

Increased Focus on Recovery

As alluded to earlier, 90-day treatment programs give you more time to address your addiction and focus on your recovery. In a 30-day treatment program, you may feel rushed during your time in treatment. As the program winds down, your primary focus is on leaving treatment and returning to your family and not on how to achieve lasting sobriety. 90-day rehabs will give you the time to work on your recovery without feeling as if there is a deadline.

More Focus on Life and Coping Skills Training

In a 90-day program, you will have more time to learn and master the life and coping skills needed to minimize the chance of relapse. These skills include life skills training, conflict resolution, managing interpersonal relationships, and learning healthy coping skills. Having a solid set of coping skills is essential in helping you navigate your day-to-day life while effectively handling the stresses and triggers that may lead you back to substance use.

More Time to Change Bad Habits

Chronic substance abuse changes brain chemistry and functioning. As a result, you engage in habits that are harmful to your mental and physical health. Northern California 90-day drug treatment programs allow your brain to recover from the destructive impacts of substance use. Additionally, you will be able to identify those destructive habits and behaviors and replace them with more constructive coping skills.

Is a 90-Day Rehab Right for Me?

If you are considering a 90-day program, you may wonder if it is right for your needs. Before you make your choice, there are factors you need to consider. A 90-day rehab is a great choice for you if you have tried an outpatient treatment program in the past and were unable to stay clean and sober. Additionally, 90-day programs will be a better fit for you if you tried a shorter residential program and were not able to find lasting recovery. If your addiction is both chronic and severe and you have underlying medical issues, a 90-day treatment program may be more beneficial to you. The same holds true if you are experiencing a dual diagnosis condition. 


How to Find 90-Day Programs Near Me

Fortunately, there are many rehabs that are adding 90-day treatment programs. If you are searching for a Northern California rehab center and need an extended rehab program to fit your needs, call Singing Trees Recovery today. We offer an innovative 30-60-90-day program that will help you build a solid foundation for your recovery. From medical detox and therapy and 12-step programs to life and coping skills and relapse prevention, the experienced treatment professionals at Singing Trees Recovery will design an individualized treatment program just for you. 

Call us today and start your transformation.

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