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Why Escape From Santa Rosato the Wilderness

Santa Rosa has not been immune from the rise in substance abuse we have seen across the country. According to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office, crimes related to fentanyl have been a growing concern in recent years. Drug-related crimes are impacting members of our communities, not just individuals who are using.

The rates seen in the Sonoma County Coroner’s Office for deaths caused by an overdose have continued to climb in recent years. In 2018 there were 72 lives lost to an overdose, followed by 77 in 2019, and 15 within two months of beginning 2020. For 2019, fentanyl was found to be a cause in 38 of the 77 overdose deaths.

The former Chief Epidemiologist for Sonoma County reported a 50% increase in the number of overdoses not caused by heroin, seen in the emergency departments in 2018. 

Sonoma County has been vocal in identifying its needs regarding addiction rates. It is believed that a factor contributing to the high rates of addiction and deaths is the result of a lack of treatment options within Sonoma County. There has been an increase in mental health and substance abuse concerns within our county. Unfortunately, there are not adequate resources available to provide help to everyone who needs it. Federal budget cuts have had a negative impact on the number of resources available for those who are struggling with addiction and other mental health concerns.

Sonoma County has been heavily impacted by wildfires, leaving many families homeless. It is believed that 60% of homes within Sonoma County have someone struggling with a mental health concern. 

If you find yourself looking for drug rehabs near Santa Rosa, CA, you may want to consider looking in the surrounding areas. For many, going to a rehab that is not so close to home can positively impact your treatment. You would be away from stressors and challenges you have at home, which can lead to you feeling more relaxed while in treatment. 

Due to the federal budget cuts and the limited availability of rehab centers in Santa Rosa, CA, you may be able to be as selective with your treatment options as you could be if you were to expand your search area. 

What to Look for in a Santa Rosa Alcohol and Drug Rehab

If you are looking for a drug or alcohol rehab near Santa Rosa, California, take a moment to recognize the strength it took for you to get to this point. You have likely experienced several hardships that directly resulted from your drinking or drug use, and you are ready to make a change. This is not an opportunity that everyone struggling with addiction gets, and I would imagine you could think of a few people you know who didn’t get the chance to receive help. 

You want to give yourself a running start for your recovery. That means that you should be selective about the rehab program you choose. There are several things that you could look out for when you begin looking into your options. 

The first would be the location. As mentioned above, there are benefits to attending treatment away from home. Maybe you need a breather from your home environment or to take a step back from work. Having space from your life at home gives you a better opportunity to get that breather you need. Keep in mind that rehab programs can range from less than a month to 3 months and that you can choose an outpatient program closer to home if you would like to continue with treatment after discharge.

You will want to see if your drug rehab in Santa Rosa has a drug detox program in Northern California that you can use. This is a common practice for inpatient programs; however, we don’t want to make assumptions. Detox is an important step in your recovery because you’re giving your body the chance to try and find its “normal” again. Granted, normal may now look different than it did in the past. It usually takes about a week for your body to cleanse itself of drugs and alcohol. Not to mention that detoxing from substances such as alcohol and benzodiazepines can be dangerous. Detox allows you to show your body some kindness and allow for healing before you begin working in your treatment program. 

When you begin looking at the treatment program itself, there are pros and cons to be aware of. If we start with the cons, one would be if they don’t offer specialized treatments that you need. This could include mental health treatment, vocational therapy, family therapy, and various focused programs (i.e. men’s group, women’s group, veterans’ group, etc.). 

Another red flag would be if the program has a one size fits all approach. This would mean that everyone they see has the same time frame for treatment, the same treatment plans, and the same goals. Therefore, every individual is different and will need to have aspects of their treatment that are unique to them. 

You will use your chosen program to utilize what is often referred to as evidence-based practices. These would be therapy approaches and interventions that have been studied and found effective when working with addiction. This is important because different mental health concerns respond well to treatments that are not effective with addiction.

If you can find a program that has a variety of professionals who would work with you, consider this a pro. Having a diverse staff helps ensure that the program is not rigid. You will have a doctor, nurses, therapists, and counselors who have different educational and personal experiences. This can only benefit you and your treatment. You may find that the professionals working with you are in recovery themselves. 

How Singing Tree Recovery is Different

Singing Trees Recovery is a Santa Rosa rehab in northern California. We are located in the serene Redwood Forest whose beauty will certainly impact you. We can offer you a full alcohol and drug detoxification followed by an inpatient rehab program. The length of our rehab program varies and will be dependent on your personal struggles, needs, and capability for treatment. This can be anywhere from two weeks to three months of treatment.

Our northern California rehab program will provide you with a daily routine that includes treatment as well as a healthy amount of leisure time. You would be asked to attend several group sessions per day; these could be process groups or an educational group session. You would be asked to engage in multiple individual sessions per week with your counselor. This would give you one-on-one time to focus on your own personal struggles and goals.

On the weekends, we can offer you and your loved ones family therapy services. Family therapy can substantially impact your life when you return home after rehab. Some family members are unsure what needs to change and how they can support you in your recovery. And there are always some family members who need more awareness and information about the struggles of addiction.

We will provide you with a healthy, balanced diet. When you have free time, you are able to use the natural beauty of the Redwood forest for recreational activities. Hiking and swimming are highly recommended to our patients.

Before you leave, we will work with you to develop a thorough and comprehensive relapse prevention plan. This will include a deep dive into your personal triggers and discussing strategies to cope with them. Our goal is to help you feel more prepared about returning to your home life so that you can succeed in your recovery.

Get Help at Our Drug Rehab in Santa Rosa

At our inpatient rehab in Northern California, we are an inclusive treatment center and an LGBTQIA+ friendly environment. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in working with individuals struggling with both drug and alcohol addictions. Our clinicians use evidence-based programs in northern California to ensure you receive the best care. 

If you are concerned about your own addiction struggles, or those of a loved one, we invite you to call us at (800) 344-3799 to see how Singing Trees Recovery can help you today.


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