When reading about addiction, you’ve probably come across the terms “individualized addiction treatment “or “tailored treatment plans, “but what does that mean? Personalized addiction treatment designed to support an individual through the challenges of addiction is a necessary treatment protocol for clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment. Finding individualized addiction treatment in Santa Rosa, CA, can be essential to the recovery process.

Singing Trees Recovery Center utilizes individualized addiction treatment to support our clients through healthy holistic rehabilitation. Our program is designed to help clients address their specific needs through individualized and group therapy. We believe in total recovery from the trauma of substance abuse through our comprehensive treatment plans. Speak with an admissions counselor today.


What is Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Individualized addiction treatment utilizes the principles of effective treatment with a focus on the client’s specific needs. For example, the principles of effective addiction treatment indicate that “staying in treatment long enough is critical.“Therefore, medical professionals will design an individualized addiction treatment plan around the client’s needs, not just their drug use. Additionally, “treatment plans will be reviewed often and modified to fit the clients changing needs.” 

Through continuously monitored treatment, the program should address the many options in treating addiction and mental health. “Behavioral counseling, medication, medical devices and applications used to treat withdrawal symptoms or deliver skills training, evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and long-term follow up to prevent relapse” Should be part of the standard practice for clients in individualized treatment.


What is the Importance of Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs?

While all individuals can benefit from personalized treatment programs, many examples of specific populations require individualized treatment.

For example, adolescents and young adults need individualized treatment programs. Personalized treatment for teens can help address typical developmental tasks, academic performance, socialization, self-esteem, and family relationships. Treatment providers should follow specialized guidelines to help individuals through the stages of “denial, compliance, surrender, and recovery” while focusing on developing positive peer relationships and relapse prevention skills. Through individualized addiction treatment, adolescents and young adults have a better chance of developing the skills necessary for a sustainable long-term recovery.

Another specific population that directly benefits from individualized addiction treatment is individuals who struggle with a comorbid mental illness. This type of individualized treatment program is called door diagnosis and supports clients who struggle with mental illness and substance abuse. Research indicates that clients with a dual diagnosis should receive addiction and mental health treatment simultaneously. This ensures that the overall treatment process addresses all mental health concerns and simultaneously allows clients to build a stable foundation. Dual-diagnosis treatment most commonly addresses the mental health needs of clients with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, and trauma.

Finally, the LGBTQ+ population benefits from individualized treatment programming as well. In LGBTQ-friendly substance abuse programs, clients can openly address the challenges that face their community with a group of peers that fully understand those issues. LGBTQ+ addiction treatment can help clients process harassment, discrimination, cultural issues, and rejection. 

Personalized addiction treatment allows for continuous development towards recovery.


How to Find Individualized Addiction Treatment in Santa Rosa, CA

When searching for individualized addiction treatment in Santa Rosa, California, it is vital to search for an addiction treatment center that explicitly mentions its ability to handle clients with your needs. For example, individuals who are struggling with depression and substance use disorder should search for dual diagnosis treatment centers. In contrast, parents should search for youth and adolescent programs to support their child.

At Singing Trees Recovery Center, our individualized treatment programs in Northern California focus on developing personalized healthcare programs that address clients’ mental and physical needs. In addition, our camp-like facility helps clients reconnect with themselves and the world around them.

We believe in the combination of both medical and social model approaches to substance-abuse treatments. As a result, our clients have access to medical support, intensive education, and counseling to build a foundation for sustainable recovery. 

Our treatment rehab in Humboldt County provides clients with the opportunity to detox on-site. In addition, the residential inpatient program At Singing Trees Recovery Center supports clients in a non-judgemental way that encourages personal growth and individual reflection.

Contact Singing Trees Recovery Center today.

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