Inpatient rehab requires clients to live on-site for one to six weeks. During this time, clients may undergo detoxification and initial addiction treatment. Then, by learning to manage their physical symptoms, clients address their sobriety and recovery head-on in a secure location.

At Singing Trees Recovery, our clients are given the opportunity to achieve sobriety in a natural environment that encourages their personal growth and well-being. For addiction treatment near Santa Rosa, CA, learn more about Singing Trees Recovery by contacting an admissions counselor.


What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment?

Northern California inpatient treatment provides a safe, drug-free, and structured environment for clients to achieve and learn to maintain sobriety. In addition, there are many mental and physical health benefits of attending inpatient rehab.

The mental health benefits of attending inpatient rehab include having consistent care by a dedicated team of medical professionals, 24-hour care and support, and multiple therapeutic treatment styles designed to meet the client’s specific needs. These benefits ensure the mental health of clients while attending inpatient rehab.

Physically, inpatient rehab can also provide many benefits for clients struggling with substance abuse. The physical location is a safe, drug-free zone for clients to live and recover. Also, many inpatient treatment facilities offer physical trainers and nutritionists to ensure the clients’ holistic health. These benefits to inpatient treatment can help clients find the support necessary to achieve long-term sobriety.


What are the Signs a Person Needs to Go to Rehab?

The need for inpatient rehab varies significantly from individual to individual; however, some universal signs indicate that inpatient addiction treatment is the best course of action. The clients who most often find the most success in inpatient addiction treatment are individuals with severe substance use disorders, clients with a dual diagnosis mental illness, and clients who have not been successful in less intensive addiction treatment programs.

Individuals with severe substance use disorders benefit from inpatient rehab. Individuals struggling at this level need round-the-clock care, support, and a drug-free location to recover. An individual with a severe substance use disorder will be struggling financially, legally, and in their social lives. Individuals working at this level need round-the-clock care, support, and a drug-free location to recover. An individual with a severe substance use disorder may be struggling financially, legally, and in their social lives. Inpatient rehab can provide the medical help and treatment necessary for successful sobriety.

Another group of individuals that benefit from inpatient rehab is those who have dual diagnosis mental illnesses. This diagnosis includes a combination of a substance use disorder and another co-occurring mental health disorder. This additional mental health disorder can be pre-existing or onset based on substance abuse. Clients struggling with a dual diagnosis need multiple types of treatment to have a comprehensive Recovery program. Inpatient rehab can provide the numerous therapeutic treatments necessary for substance use disorders and additional mental health concerns that have arisen or worsened due to substance abuse.

Finally, someone may need inpatient treatment if they have not been successful in less structured treatment environments. For example, clients who have relapsed and outpatient treatment or have been unable to maintain their sobriety through intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs may find that an inpatient treatment center is the best avenue. In addition, because an inpatient center is residential, clients have less access to substances. Therefore, they have a more focused and strict treatment plan than clients who are required to attend treatment based on their availability and motivations.


Are There Inpatient Rehabs Near Santa Rosa, CA?

There are many inpatient rehabs near Santa Rosa, California. One such ideal location is Singing Trees Recovery. Our Northern California rehab facility provides structured inpatient treatment for clients in a natural atmosphere that encourages reflection and growth. 

Our specific combination of traditional and alternative therapies teaches our clients about themselves, how to address their personal needs, and how to address stressful and triggering situations that previously led to substance use. Through this process, our clients learn how to live sober lifestyles through personal care, positive peer relationships, and supportive mentors. As a result, we help our clients heal both mentally and physically from the challenges of substance abuse.

Learn more today at Singing Trees Recovery.

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