Having health insurance is tremendous peace of mind. Knowing that insurance will take care of a portion or all expenses due to health issues alleviates worry and lessens the financial burden. If you have MHN as your insurance provider, you know that a wide variety of medical programs and services will be covered—but will it cover addiction treatment? Fortunately, provisions in the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) deem substance abuse to be an essential health service that must be covered.


While it is great to know that MHN covers addiction treatment, what is and isn’t covered in terms of treatment and services? Understanding your coverage for an MHN rehab will ensure you are getting the right treatment for your substance abuse issues. We will take a deeper look at MHN insurance for addiction and its general coverage for addiction treatment services. Call Singing Tree Recovery today and speak to our admissions team and our Northern California inpatient treatment programs if you have questions regarding your MHN addiction coverage and what services are covered.


Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

As stated in the introduction, insurance will cover addiction treatment if you need those services. However, careful examination requires the amount of coverage and what is covered under insurance. Insurance coverage for addiction treatment can widely vary depending on your insurance plan and the state where you reside, among other factors. Depending on those factors, services and programs may be covered by one facility and only partially covered or not covered at all at other facilities. Also, the amount of coverage you have will vary whether you choose in-network or out-of-network rehab.


Depending on the network status of your facility, certain treatment options may need pre-authorization. In the event that the rehab is out-of-network, you may have to pay the entire cost of treatment out of your pocket, and the rate may be much higher when compared to in-network programs. These reasons illustrate why it is crucial to understand your MHN insurance for addiction better so you can make better-informed choices concerning your care.


Is There Coverage of MHN Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

When looking at your MHN addiction coverage, you will be happy to learn you will have partial or full coverage for the most part for addiction treatment programs. MHN (also known as Managed Health Network) works with providers to shape their treatment plans. MHN insurance treatment will include services for both substance abuse and mental health. Your addiction treatment program will be covered under MHN as long as treatment is medically necessary.

Services that are typically covered in an MHB rehab include:

  • Detox services
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Therapy and related counseling
  • Aftercare, including IOP and sober living


As stated earlier, the percentage of coverage may differ depending on the plan, facility, and state of residence. It is also more advantageous to choose an in-network MHN rehab versus an out-of-network rehab. In-network rehabs feature low percentage co-pays or no co-pays, and some services may not require pre-authorization. Since MHN is a managed healthcare plan, the cost of treatment for a facility out of state will be similar to an in-state MHN insurance treatment facility.


How to Verify Insurance Coverage

To verify MHN addiction coverage, you first should review your plan documents and brochure. Take the time to learn about the services covered under your plan. It is highly advisable to call MHN toll-free and talk to an experienced agent for further clarification. They will be able to walk you through your substance abuse and mental health benefits, tell you what is and isn’t covered, and the approximate cost of the program and facility you want to attend.


You also want to call the facility where you want to go for treatment and speak to an admissions specialist. They will review your coverage and should be able to tell you the services that will be covered and the extent of coverage. In the event of out-of-pocket expenses, admission staff should be able to outline alternative methods of payment such as sliding fee scales or scholarships, among other options.


Find an MHN Rehab Program

Many facilities will work with MHN insurance if you are searching for an MHN rehab program. Even though many rehabs work with MHN, you must find a rehab that offers levels of care and programs that are evidence-based, extensively tested, and are customizable to fit your unique and specific needs. If you are looking for rehab in Northern California, Singing Trees Recovery is your first choice. Our levels of care by dynamic and specifically designed to fit your needs perfectly. As your progress in treatment, our programs and services will change as your needs change.

Call Singing Trees Recovery right now and speak to one of our experienced and compassionate treatment staff. Begin your journey to lasting recovery today.

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