The teamster‘s assistance program (TAP) and the Teamster’s Alcohol Rehabilitation Program (TARP) are how teamster supports their union members through rehabilitation and addiction treatment. These confidential programs are provided at no extra cost to Teamsters costs are covered by the employer, and part of the medical benefits are provided as such. Teamster counselors can offer recommendations and referrals for substance-abuse treatment that fits the medical benefits provided by the employer. One such recommended treatment facility is Singing Trees Recovery.

Singing Trees Recovery Center offers affordable, serene, and peaceful Recovery from the treatable disease of addiction. Through support education, counseling and treatment, our clients have the opportunity to detox and live in a facility designed to support their mental and physical health. Additionally, Singing Trees Recovery center offers a wilderness program to avoid the cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment.

Contact a TAP or TARP counselor today to see if your medical benefits cover the Singing Trees Recovery Center.


How can TAP and TARP Help with Addiction Treatment?

Tap and TARP are available through the Teamsters. The Teamsters are an international brotherhood that provides services for unions in California. These programs work together to provide services for clients either directly or through a referral service. Tap and TARP provide services for drug and alcohol problems, marital relationship problems, anger management, stress management, depression and anxiety, disability, physical abuse, career changes, financial pressure, and job burnout.

TAP is an employee assistance program directly councils or refers members for supportive services. TARP directly focuses on substance abuse and its related issues. Members and their families are able to access TAP and TARP services and trainings. 

TARP specifically supports individuals through relapse prevention by holding meetings in Fresno, Lafayette, Modesto, Oakland, Reno, Sacramento, Salinas, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Stockton, Visalia, and Watsonville.


How Does TARP Help with Rehab?

Individuals who contact a TAP or TARP counselor and have medical benefits provided through trust funds can speak with a counselor to determine their needs and eligibility.

The first step of this process is to refer clients to primary treatment in either an inpatient facility or outpatient facility based on their needs. This direct counseling support utilizes an individual’s medical benefits and needs to create a treatment plan.

During treatment, individuals Should be focused on completing their treatment program. While some treatment programs only meet several hours per week, others are residential and require clients to remain at a facility 24 hours a day until the completion of the program.

Following program completion, a TAP or TARP counselor’s job is to recommend aftercare supports for continued sobriety. Tarp counselors often refer individuals to twelve-step anonymous programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. They can also suggest more specific relapse prevention programs like Smart Recovery and Recovery Dharma.

TARPs’ goal are to provide union members with the most supportive planning and counseling available. In addition, both top and TARP have large Numbers of in-network drug and alcohol rehab programs that can help you or your loved one through this difficult time.


Singing Trees Recovery Center – In-Network Rehab with TARP

At Singing Trees Recovery, our clients have the opportunity to meet with success in a number of holistic addiction treatment programs and outdoors recovery programs. Through this process, our clients can work to treat the recovery disease, not suffer from it. 

Nestled in the redwood forest, Singing Trees Recovery is a Nothern, California rehab, supporting clients in areas like Redding, Sacramento, and San Francisco. With semi-private rooms and plenty of outdoor space, we offer a comfortable recovery space for individuals that don’t include the aggressive and confrontational counseling often found in addiction treatment. 

Whether looking for inpatient treatment in Northern California or detox near Santa Rosa, Singing Trees Recovery can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatment programs can help you today.

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