When discussing what rehabs have to offer, not often does the idea of food come up. Most times, individuals are concerned about the treatment style, living arrangements, and other amenities necessary for successful rehabilitation. But, diet is one of the number one ways to improve physical and mental health during withdrawal and recovery. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet can improve physical health and mental health. Therefore, finding a rehabilitation center that caters to The nutritional needs of our clients is necessary.

Singing Trees Recovery provides affordable and serene addiction treatment in Northern California. With multiple options and treatment plans, clients work to detox and recover from addiction. We believe in the power of community and nature. Join us on your journey of recovery, and let us support you.


What are the Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet?

Many benefits can be found from eating a vegetarian diet. Research has shown recently that vegetarians who eat a regularly planned diet can experience the same health benefits as those who eat meat. Vegetarians, who eat plant-based items primarily, often have a higher intake of vitamins and minerals that aid in promoting healthy living and help individuals avoid illnesses. Studies have shown that vegetarians are less likely to develop some forms of cancer, reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes, and may be at a lower risk for developing heart disease. These benefits can be extended to the recovery process as well. 

Vegetarianism can differ, but it’s based on the idea that individuals eat a plant-based diet. Therefore, vegans will include only plant-based foods in their meals. They will not consume animal proteins or byproducts. Lacto vegetarians or lacto-ovo-vegetarians will eat diets that consist of plant-based foods, dairy products, and eggs. Partial vegetarians may include chicken or fish, dairy products, and eggs into their diet but do not consume red meat. Finally, pescatarians it’s plant-based foods and seafood but no land animals.


How Can Healthy Eating Impact Recovery?

Eating healthy can impact substance-abuse recovery in a number of ways. First, it can provide improvements to both physical and mental health.

Physical improvements linked to a plant-based diet include fewer calories from fat consumed, increased fiber, potassium, and vitamin C levels, and an overall reduction in calorie intake. Or eating a healthier diet during rehabilitation can improve digestion, energy, and general feelings of wellness.

Mental health can also be linked to a healthy diet. For example, eating a vegetarian diet can improve symptoms of depression, increase motivation, and improve overall brain health. According to Harvard University, four of the five top foods linked to better brain power can be eaten by vegetarians. But the only item excluded is fatty fish, which is eaten by pescatarians and partial vegetarians alike. 


Are There Rehabs That Offer Vegetarian Diets? 

Northern California rehabs should consider dietary needs at intake and address possible nutrient deficiencies common in individuals going through withdrawal. For example, nutritionists should ensure that individuals are getting enough vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins. These nutrients can be supplemented through food items or vitamin supplements.

Rehabilitation treatment centers that cater to individual diets should have a nutritionist on staff to ensure that clients’ Needs are being met. The USDA, my plate tips for vegetarians, include eating foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and possibly eggs and or milk if that fits into the vegetarian’s diet restrictions.


Singing Tree Recovery Provides Vegetarian Meal Plans for Clients in Treatment

At Singing Trees Recovery, we encourage our clients to eat healthy and nutritious meals to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. We believe that the brain and body can recover from substance abuse through holistic treatment. Nestled in the redwood forests, our Northern California detox center has created a peaceful place to recover. We believe in the power of the outdoors and nature’s healing process. 

Our Northern California inpatient treatment center provides clients semi-private accommodations to focus on learning and recovering. Through support, counseling, and treatment, our staff members at Singing Trees Recovery center believe that combining medical and social model approaches to substance-abuse therapy provides our clients with the best possibility of successful sobriety.

Contact an admissions counselor today to see how our unique treatment style can provide you with the tips and skills necessary for life-long recovery.

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