Treatment Programs

30-60-90 Day Treatment Programs


Phase 1 consists of our primary care 30-day residential substance abuse recovery treatment program. This phase primary focus is on detoxification and rebuilding of physical, mental and spiritual health, identification of core issues and development of strategies to address those issues. Residents will also attend educational groups and receive an introduction to Twelve Step concepts and practice.  Resident’s, along with a counselor, will identify problem areas and come up with a treatment plan to address those problem areas that includes measurable goals to attain while in the first 30 days. Residents will also:

Write an autobiography focusing on drugs impact on their life
Do a formal presentation of the first 3 steps of the 12-Step Program
Receive 4 individual counseling sessions per week
Attend 4-6 educational and process groups daily
Be offered family counseling services on the weekend


Phase II of our substance abuse recovery program consists of consolidating recovery concepts in general and as they apply specifically to the residents core issues. In this phase the resident will apply the recovery principles introduced in Phase I to facilitate a deeper understanding of their core issues and will continue working on treatment goals developed through a final treatment plan review from phase I with a counselor.  Residents will begin a much deeper investigation of relapse prevention concepts and will continue to develop a much stronger foundation in the 12-Step Program through regularly scheduled groups and meetings. 


Having a much stronger foundation in recovery concepts and insight into their core issues, residents in our substance abuse recovery program will now begin the process of re-integration with the community. Residents will receive assistance in formulating vocational or educational goals, and assistance in being put on the path to attaining those goals. Residents will also be given the freedom to attend off-site 12-Step meetings, find and work with an appropriate sponsor, and apply for part-time work in the area. Relapse prevention will remain a focus as well as individual, group and family counseling sessions.