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Our Wilderness Program

While individuals continue to struggle with addiction, professionals have continuously been researching effective methods that can be used during addiction treatment. One approach that has been gaining awareness is wilderness rehab programs.

Wilderness drug rehab programs can be easily confused with a wilderness experience program (WEP); however, they are two different programs. Wilderness therapy has its roots in treating adolescents and young adults. It was initially found to be effective with teens who struggle with anger, act out, are frequently in trouble with their parents, school, and the legal authorities, and for those who struggle with mental health concerns such as depression. 

With wilderness drug therapy for adults being used, many of the same clinical interventions and approaches are used. What is different is the setting. You will be spending more time outdoors, experiencing the natural beauty around you. Your group exercises may include outdoor activities, and your therapeutic sessions can also be conducted outside. 

These wilderness drug rehab programs are run by qualified professionals who are knowledgeable of the outdoors and fluent in evidence-based practices that can be used for addiction treatment. Clinicians will continue to use assessments to monitor your progress. 

What to Expect At Our Wilderness Drug Rehab For Adults

At our wilderness rehab for adults, you will receive excellent addiction treatment while being able to enjoy the beauty of our part in the Redwood Forest. The first step in your treatment would be to speak with a representative and let them get to know a bit more about your struggle with drugs and alcohol and what has led to your desire to stop using. Together, you can determine if our program is a good fit for you at this time. 

From there, it will be determined if you would benefit from our detoxification program. Don’t be surprised if this is a recommendation for you before you begin your treatment. The reason for attending a detox program is to give your body time to adjust to not using. Drug and alcohol abuse changes the way our brain works, which will lead to dysregulation when you first stop using. This can be uncomfortable and contribute to nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, depressive symptoms, and anxiety. All of which would be a distraction from therapy. We want you to focus on feeling well at that point in your treatment. 

Our inpatient drug rehab in Northern California at Singing Trees Recovery can be customized to your specific needs and availability for treatment. We understand that everyone has different needs in recovery, and will not need the same lengths of treatment. Because of this, we offer a 2-week program, 30-day program, 60-day program, and a 90-day rehab program. 

The Benefits of a Wilderness Drug Rehab

When they arrive at our wilderness drug rehab, some find that they are in a bit of shock. Sometimes it takes a shock like this for us to recognize the fast pace of our daily routine and its impact on us. The Redwood Forest surrounding us shows what strength and perseverance can lead to. This forest has stood strong during many storms, and natural disasters and yet remains beautiful, peaceful, and strong.

As an example, if your day is constantly “go-go-go,” chances are that you are not giving yourself time to feel your feelings. You’re so busy making sure that everything gets done, you put your own needs on the backburner. This is a common struggle for all of us. This pattern sets up an ideal situation for your addiction to thrive in. By pushing your emotions to the side all day, your open yourself up to feel overwhelmed when they catch up with you. Feeling overwhelmed is a common trigger for drug and alcohol use. This pattern can turn into a vicious cycle without you even noticing it. The truth is the saying that you “cannot pour from an empty cup.”

By being in the wilderness, you will be surrounded by the calm of the redwood forest. You may find that you are more aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are here because there are fewer distractions to steal your attention. Taking time to practice checking in with yourself while you’re in treatment can make it easier to continue doing so when you return home. This can lead to you feeling more present at the moment, decrease feelings of being overwhelmed, and lead to an overall healthier emotional state.

An added bonus of learning to be in the moment can be improving your communication. With fewer distractions, you may find it easier to understand where your emotions are coming from, which can allow you to communicate your thoughts more effectively.

An additional benefit to wilderness rehabs for adults is that you may find a new hobby or interest that you enjoy. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you may have forgotten about taking time for yourself. Many individuals find that they need to find new leisure activities when they are in recovery. You can try several outdoor recreational activities with our program, including hiking and swimming.

Northern California Treatment

Experience Our Wilderness Program

Our clinicians use evidence-based practices that are proven to be effective when treating addiction. We use a combination of group and individual therapy. Group sessions can have an educational focus, or they can be what is called process groups. Process groups tend to have more of a vulnerable vibe to them than educational groups do. These groups allow you to talk about your own concerns and struggles and relate to and support others with theirs. 

Individual sessions would be between you and a single clinician. This time would be focused on you and your needs. You may spend time talking about the chaos that your addiction has caused, any trauma or abuse you have experienced, and any additional mental health concerns that you may have.

It is not uncommon for individuals who struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction to have additional mental health struggles. This can include depression, anxiety, various mood disorders, trauma, and personality disorders. Our staff is trained and experienced in treating mental health concerns, so we would be able to address all of your mental health concerns during your stay with us. 

Our wilderness drug rehab in northern California will introduce you to the 12-Step program. We will begin working with you on the early steps and will continue to do so throughout your stay with us. We do strongly encourage you to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings while in treatment. The hope is that by getting into the habit of attending meetings early and seeing the benefits from participating in meetings, you will be more likely to continue attending and working the steps when you return home.

Before you complete our treatment program and return home, our clinicians will work with you to identify challenges and triggers that you may experience at home. We will help you develop the skills needed to manage them effectively, and identify your sober supports who could assist you if needed.

Get Help from Our Wilderness Rehab Program

Singing Trees Recovery is an inpatient rehab program in Northern California. We are located in a beautiful area of the Redwood Forest, which allows us to be a wilderness rehab for adults.

With our various treatment lengths, we are confident that we would be able to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive treatment provider. Our staff believes that recovery is possible, no matter how long you have been struggling with addiction. Whether this is your first rehab program or not, you will be greeted with kindness and compassion.

Reach out to Singing Trees Recovery to find addiction treatment to fit your needs.

Our Wilderness Program

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At Singing Trees Recovery Center we see alcohol/drug dependency as a treatable disease, not a hopeless condition.

Our caring staff is available for 24/7 support throughout the recovery journey.

We rely on a variety of counseling approaches that honor the resident and aid in treatment.

We provide intensive education as well as reinforce concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our Treatment Program combines the best of both medical and social model approaches.


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